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Black Flash Studios can can provide innovative services that enhance the way you do business, allowing you to build a strategy that is right for your company’s future growth. 

Sprawling Client Base in Chandigarh and Mohali

After tens of successful projects in Chandigarh and Mohali, we are expanding into the global markets. The most recent clients being from USA and Australia.

Philosophy – Quality lies in the results

It’s lovely to see your digital campaign churning profits and your website making customers. For us, the results that we produce are the strongest markers of quality. After that comes our humane customer experience.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Social Media Marketing

Capture audience interest from Social Platform and convert it into business proposition with our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Experts!
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Our goal-based SEO approach has been developed after years of experiments. Our SEO experts first understand your niche, audience, keyword performance before creating a winning SEO strategy.

Components of Our SEO Services

  • On-Page SEO Structuring with Meta Tag Optimization
  • Quality Backlink Building
  • Rigorous Keyword Research
  • Company Profiling and Bookmarking
  • Content Marketing (Blogging)
  • Search Console and Analytics Reports
  • Local SEO Leverage
  • Algorithmic Techniques


Digital Marketing and SEO

We offer the full suite of SEO services and tools, that your business needs to claim the top spots in Google Search Engine Result Pages.
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In an age where the world gets 90% of its knowledge from the internet, you can’t afford to market your business online.

At Global Netlife, we provide extensive Digital Marketing services to our clients that not only publicize their web properties but also deliver high ROI. We have the following services in our Digital Marketing roaster.

Social Media Marketing

Making your business relevant to Social Media Channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with weekly strategies and engagement posts. Make a strong following that eventually becomes your brand’s strength.

Search Engine Marketing

Market yourself like a pro with our suite of SEM solutions. We take care of PPC ads, AdSense, Google Shopping etc for your brand, so that you can constantly achieve your sales target.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is everyone’s favourite type of re-marketing solution to maintain a loyal client base. We provide end-to-end email marketing campaigns with full template setup and email address list building for your business.

Paid Advertisements

Get your name out there with our paid advertisement solutions. We market your brand to relevant web properties and high DA/PA websites. We also find the right kind of social media influencers who can provide the level of popularity you’re looking for.

Content Marketing

As a part of our continuous marketing approach, we also provide professional grade content marketing.

This includes setting up of blogs, distribution of marketable content on relevant websites, and SEO copy, that helps you spread thought leadership in your target audience.

Content Writing

Rich, Meaningful and Engaging Content for your website’s thought leadership. Gain SEO juice and new readers by becoming a blogging pro!
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Make high-quality content generation a breeze! 

More than 60% marketers upload one blog article daily.

We help you make the best out of your Content Marketing effort by creating relevant content pieces for your audience.

Blog articles to Social Media posts, leave your constant content update worries to us!

Get the Right Content for Right Audience!

All our content writing services are targeted for the type of audience that your business works in. We produce customize content that engages your customers and makes them want to buy from you.

Our team of in house content writers for hire have the industry experience that your business needs!

Graphic Design

We provide creative graphic design services to you that help you create a unique identity for your brand, and boost your user experience.
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Graphic Design is an inevitable element of modern Website Design and plays an everlasting role in Digital Marketing as well. Similarly, our services are aligned to help you harness the power of these domains effectively.

So, if you’re looking to ramp up your website to attract more visitors, or make an impact on your audience, you can avail our following Graphic Design Services.

Logo Design

Logos are one of the very first things that interact with your customers. A professionally designed logo can standout on your behalf to your customers and make a strong impact.

We use the latest artistic techniques such as Golden Ratio, and Flat Shapes, and Philosophy Symbolism that makes your business to stand out from the crowd.

Banner Design

Web banners help in driving traffic and find a variety of purposes on a website or on the Social Media front.

May it be an ongoing marketing campaign or the forefront of your latest e-commerce store, we design banners for all kinds of purposes.

We use professionally licensed software for designing high quality 300 DPI banners that beautify your web properties like anything.

We also provide professional designing services for Social Media Posts. This includes posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Our creative designers know how to catch the vibe of the modern generation and attract them with a refreshing design.

Website Front End Design

We also cater to your web design needs with professional website front end design.

Over the years, we have garnered quality experience in web UI design that is pleasing to visitors and helps you with business conversions.

We employ special web design trends and ethics to create beautiful websites. The modern internet audience makes its first judgment of a website by looking at their front end design. So, it better make them fall in love!


Website Development

We offer website development services that are aimed at fulfilling the specifics of your business domain, with our technology innovation.
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By 2020, businesses and professionals without a website will move closer to becoming obsolete. The world has shifted gears in their internet media consumption, and you can’t afford to stay behind!

At Global Net Life, we offer state-of-the-art website development services that are aimed at fulfilling the specifics of your business domain, with our technology innovation.

We make Portfolio Websites, Business Websites, Websites for Mobile Apps, Web App-based Websites, and everything else you need to make a bold web presence.

Front-End Development

Our front-end website development services include everything from making wireframes for the website and then integrating the User Interface with the website.

We use open-source tools such as PHP frameworks, and customized HTML and JavaScript, to decrease your project costs.

We also cater to web design needs. All the beautification that your website needs, is taken care of by us in-house!

Back-End Development

We make custom back-end user panels for your website with the CMS of your choice, so that you can easily update the website from time to time. Our back-end development services offer a number of ways to build a specific product for your business needs.

Our technology stack for back-end development is also open-source, so as to keep things in-synced with the front-end.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for building websites in no time. We offer fully-functional support for WordPress-based websites, with development services from scratch.

This comes with the added benefit of customizing the layout of your website as per your requirement. We also add or delete website functionalities on the website as per your needs.

This makes your WordPress website compliant to security norms while also gather more leads than a normal website would do.

Industrial Training

The best place to get hands-on training for Digital Marketing for beginners who’d want to experience the market up-close as they start-off their career!
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Get ahead of others with a recognized Industrial Training

Today, your skills are more important than your degree.

Obtain industrial training with veterans who’d help you sharpen your skills and conduct that you require to crack high-paying job interview. 

We provide industrial training to all candidates on a number of Digital Marketing streams.  

Join the fleet of 250+ trainees

So far we have trained more than 250 trainees who have been able to secure a job of their choice. Many of them have started working on their own while a few have joined our staff!

Don’t wait for the opportunity. Create one today by getting quality industrial training from us!

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